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Chief Bogo
If you see any of these rules being broken, report it to one of the five administrators.

User Policies

  • You must be 13 or older in order to edit on Wikia. This is enforced by the COPPA policy.
  • Please don't be rude or intimidating to other users. This includes cyberbullying and harassment, which is a big no-no.
  • If you make a new account in order to get around a block, otherwise known as "sock-puppeting", any accounts involved will be immediately perma-blocked.

Content Policies

  • No plagiarizing from other wikis. At least put the information in your own words.
  • Do not add fan fiction or speculation onto this wiki.
  • When adding images, make sure that they aren't bloody, sexually suggestive, or anything else crude. 
  • Pictures not relating to Zootopia are only allowed on user pages and/or blogs.
  • Curse words/profanity are not allowed at all, anywhere, on this wiki, including chat.
  • Do not use languages other than English anywhere on the wiki, including chat.

Editing Policies

  • Please do not put fake info and/or gibberish on a page.
  • If you think an edit made is incorrect, talk it out with the user or confirm your suspicions in order to prevent an editing war.
  • Please refrain from adding trivial, odd, and/or random categories to pages.
    • Please do not put duplicate categories.
  • Do not undo an admin's edit. Any edit an admin makes should always be acceptable. If you think that they did wrong, leave a message on their wall and talk it out, but do not revert it.
  • Do not add images that are extremely cropped (ex. square-shaped) to galleries.
  • Do not make an article and then add no information to it. If you're going to make a page, make sure you have things to put on it.
  • Do not spam edits just to earn badges. Not only is this bordering on vandalism, but also clutters up the history page.

Redirects Policy

  • Please do not change names to gibberish names (ex. Nick to sdjhfdsj). This indicates that you are present to purposely ruin articles, and will receive a warning immediately.
  • Please ask an admin before changing the name of a high-traffic page.

Message Walls

  • Please don't be rude and cuss or insult other users on the Chat or the Message Wall, or you will be blocked.
  • Do not advertise your wikis on the Zootopia Wiki. If you would like to be advertised here, request an affiliation.
  • Please don't ask people personal questions (ex. age; address).
  • Do not discuss politics, religion, or any other such things. Unless you can find a polite and side-neutral way to talk about such, please refrain from doing it at all times.


  • For regulations about the chat, please refer to this.

Block Policies

Blocks will be given for breaking any of these rules, but two warnings will be given prior to the block.

  • Blocks than span from a few days to a few weeks will be given for:
    • Breaking most of the rules listed above
  • Blocks that span from a few months to a year will be given for:
    • Sockpuppeting
    • Adding incredibly crude/bloody/suggestive images or content
    • Discussing politics/religion/other such things in a forceful/intimidating manner
    • Asking people personal questions in a forceful/intimidating manner
  • Instant (and often permanent) blocks will be given for:
    • Being underage (12 or younger)
    • Being outrageously rude or mean

Note that breaking any of the rules consistently will eventually lead to a permanent block.

Please ask an admin if you have any questions about these rules. Happy editing!

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