The Zootopia News Network (ZNN) is a television channel in Zootopia that reports news and information regarding the latest happenings in the city.

Role in the Film

The ZNN makes two brief appearances in the film, reporting on the news of Zootopia.

Peter and his Co anchor

Moosebridge and Growley discussing Gazelle's rally

Fabienne Growley and her co-anchor, Peter Moosebridge, describe Zootopia as a "city gripped by fear", as they report a caribou in critical condition as a result of a mauling by a savage polar bear, the twenty-seventh case of the week of a predator going savage. Her co-anchor follows her announcement by stating that a peace rally had been organized by Gazelle and was marred by protest.

Growley discussing the Night howler antidote

In their second and final report, they announce that Assistant Mayor Bellwether, the mastermind responsible for making the predators savage, has been arrested. They also discuss Mayor Lionheart's denial of any knowledge of her plans and actions, and an antidote for those affected by the night howlers, which is proving effective.


The anchor is a snow leopard named Fabienne Growley (voiced by Fabienne Rawley), but the co-anchor varies between countries:


Name Position Picture


  • Each co-anchor is named after, inspired by, and voiced by a celebrity reporter from their respective country:
  • "ZNN" is a play on the news channel "CNN".


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