This is a list of memorable quotes spoken by Yax in Zootopia and other media.



  • "Ohm..."
  • "Ohhh, you know I'm gonna hit the pause button right there, cause we're all good on Bunny Scout cookies."
  • "Yeah, old Emmitt! Haven't seen him in a couple weeks. But hey, you should talk to his yoga instructor. I'd be happy to take you back."
  • ["Oh, you are naked!" - Judy Hopps] "Huh? Oh, for sure! We're a naturalist's club!"
  • "Nangi's just on the other side of the Pleasure Pool."
  • "Yeah, some mammals say the naturalist's life is weird. But you know what I say is weird? Clothes on animals!"
  • "Here we go. As you can see, Nangi's an elephant, so she'll totally remember everything."
  • "Hey, Nangi! These dudes have some questions about Emmitt the otter." ["Who?" - Nangi] "Uh, Emmitt Otterton. Been coming to your yoga class for like 6 years.
  • "He was here a couple Wednesdays ago, remember? Yeah, he was wearing a green cable-knitted sweater vest and a new pair of Corduroy slacks. Oh, and a Paisley tie, sweet Windsor knot. Real tight. Remember that, Nangi?"
  • "Yeah, we both walked him out and he got into this big old white car with a silver trim. Needed a tune-up, the third cylinder wasn't firing. Remember that, Nangi?"
  • "Oh, for sure. It was 29THD03."
  • "Told you Nangi has a mind like a steel trap. I wish I had a memory like an elephant."

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