This is a list of transportation in Zootopia.

Zootopia Transit Authority

Main article: Zootopia Transit Authority

The Zootopia Transit Authority is a rapid transit system in Zootopia. It consists of 7 lines and serves the whole of the city.

Zootopia Express

Main article: Zootopia Express

The Zootopia Express is a commuter rail systems in Zootopia which serves the whole of the city and some villages around it such as Bunnyburrow.

Rainforest District Gondolas

Main article: Rainforest District gondolas

The Rainforest District gondolas is a cable car system in Zootopia which serves only the Rainforest District.

Zootopia Tram

The Zootopia Tram is a tram system in Zootopia. It appears only once in the film in a scene where we see a tram stop outside the Zootopia Police Department.

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