If you're lucky enough to catch the Rage 'n' Rave Parade, it's a sight you'll never forget. Fire, glow sticks, and millions of twinkling lights light up the night as floats spin, glide, and swirl through downtown. The parade also featured dancers, acrobats, and celebrity performers.
The Official Zootopia Handbook

The Rage 'n' Rave Parade is a parade in The Official Zootopia Handbook.

Role in the Book

The Rage 'n' Rave Parade is featured in the "Nightlife" section of the Handbook. The parade is described as having fire, glow sticks, celebrity performers, and other special effects. The Handbook states that it's a sight that you'll never forget.


  • The Rage 'n' Rave Parade is depicted in the Handbook with concept art of the Animalia show at Zootennial Stadium.

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Real Life

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