This is an article focusing on the relationships of Mr. Big in Zootopia.


Nick Wilde

The most feared crime boss in Tundratown. They call him Mr. Big and he does not like me so we gotta go!
―Nick Wilde about Mr. Big

Nick humbly kissing Mr. Big's ring

Mr. Big was mad at Nick because Nick had sold him an expensive wool rug that is made of "the fur of a skunk's butt". However, it appears that their relationship had been fairly amicable before that, as apparently, Mr. Big invited Nick into his home, and his Gram-mama made Nick a cannoli. Sadly, because of the apparent betrayal, Mr. Big felt that he could not trust Nick, as he had disrespected both him and his Grandmother. However, thanks to the intervention of Judy Hopps, they at least returned to a mutual understanding. Whether this would evolve again into a friendship is unknown.

Judy Hopps

I'm on the Emmitt Otterton case and my evidence puts him in your car! So intimidate me all you want...I'm gonna find out what you did to that otter if it's the last thing I do!
―Judy Hopps to Mr. Big
Mr Big Kissing Judy

Mr. Big showing affection for Judy

When they met, Mr. Big though Judy was wearing a police costume until she threatened him if he was involved with Emmitt Otterton's disappearance, which provoked Big into ordering Judy and Nick to be "iced" until his daughter Fru Fru walked in and recognized Judy as the cop who saved her life.

Grateful for saving his daughter, Big not only spared Judy and Nick but gave them information regarding their case. He gained a clear fondness for Judy as he not only willingly helped her "convince" Duke Weaselton to cooperate with Judy but he designated her the godmother of his future grandchild.

Fru Fru

I have to, baby, Daddy has to.
―Mr. Big to Fru Fru about icing Nick and Judy
"It's time for our dance!"

"It's time for our dance!"

Mr. Big is loving towards his daughter, and is always careful of her emotions and keeps his promises with her, this being show when she reminds him that he promised not to ice anyone before her wedding just as he is about to ice Judy and Nick. When Judy is revealed to be a friend of Fru Fru's, Big invites both Judy and Nick immediately, which further shows the love he has for his daughter. Following the wedding, Big remains friends with both Judy and Nick, portraying approval when Fru Fru announces that she is going to name her unborn daughter, Judy.

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