This is a list of the notable films in the Zootopia universe. Many of the films in the Zootopia universe are parodies of other films, and are thus included in this list. Not included are the references to other movies in the cinematography of Zootopia itself, such as The Godfather in reference to the Mr. Big storyline.


Name of MovieDirector(s)Actor(s)Parody of (if applicable)

Avengers: Age of Bulltron

unknown Avengers: Age of Ultron

Beauty and the Wildebeest

unknown Beauty and the Beast

Bridge of Sloths

Steven Spielbear Bridge of Spies

Captain America: Gerbil War

unknown Captain America: Civil War


unknown unknown Cinderella
Ex Yakina unknown Ex Machina

Fantastic Cheetahs and Where to Find Them

unknown Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Fifty Shades of Prey unknown unknown Fifty Shades of Grey
Floatzen unknown unknown Frozen
Floatzen 2 unknown unknown Frozen 2

Fru Fru Foxter Jenkins

  • Meryl Squeak
  • Shrew Grant
Florence Foster Jenkins
Giraffic unknown unknown Gigantic
Giraffic Park unknown unknown Jurassic Park
Giraffic World unknown unknown Jurassic World
Ham-ilton: An Animal Musical unknown unknown Hamilton: An American Musical
Hogsaw Ridge unknown unknown Hacksaw Ridge
Hell or High Otter unknown
  • Jeff Otterton
  • Chris Paws
  • Furry Foster
Hell or High Water
The Hibernant Alehandeer G. Impalatu
  • Leonardo DiCapolar
  • Tom Howly
The Revenant
La La Lamb unknown
  • Ryan Foxling
  • Emu Stone
La La Land
Mad Yax: Furry Road unknown
  • Tom Hairy
  • Charlene Theroar
Mad Max: Fury Road
Meowana unknown unknown Moana
Mr. Big Short Adam McKat
  • Christian Baale
  • Steve Carellephant
  • Ryak Gosling
  • Brad Pig
The Big Short
Nocturnal Mammals Tom Furrd Jag Jylenhaal Nocturnal Animals
Pig Hero 6 unknown unknown Big Hero 6
Star Trunk unknown unknown Star Trek
Star Wars: The Furce Awakens (also known as Star Wars: The Sloth Awakens...Slowly) unknown unknown Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Steve Paws Bunny Boyle
  • Michael Fuzzbender
  • Cat Winslet
  • Seth Moogen
  • Jeff Camels
Steve Jobs
Straight Otter Zootopia unknown unknown Straight Outta Compton
Wrangled unknown unknown Tangled
Wreck-It Rhino unknown unknown Wreck-It Ralph


  • The existence of "Hell or High Otter" marks the first time a profanity word is used in the Zootopia franchise, albeit a mild one.
  • "La La Lamb" marks the first named bird in the franchise, Emu Stone.
  • There are two different animal versions of Ryan Gosling: Ryak Gosling and Ryan Foxling.


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