This is a list of the notable musicians and/or actors in the Zootopia universe. There are a number of bands and artists mentioned and seen in Zootopia, with inclusion to this list being based on visibility in the film and associated content.

Bands and Artists

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Name of Band/Artist or ActorParody (if applicable)
Lady Baa Baa Lady Gaga
The Beagles The Beatles
Sara Bearilles Sara Bareilles
Justin Beaver Justin Bieber
Peabo Bison Peabo Bryson
Black Sable Black Sabbath
Yak Club Boys Yacht Club Boys
Jaguar Depp Johnny Depp
Destiny's Cub Destiny's Child
Ewe 2 U2
Cowvin Ferris Calvin Harris
Fleetwood Yak Fleetwood Mac
Fur Fighters Foo Fighters
Gazelle Shakira and Adele
Hyena Gomez Selena Gomez
Guns n' Rodents Guns n' Roses
Mick Jaguar Mick Jagger
Smash Mouse Smash Mouth
Catty Perry Katy Perry
Miss Piggy Miss Piggy from The Muppets
Amy Polar Amy Poehler
Madeline Preynor Meghan Trainor
Kaycee Sloth Kaycee Stroh
The Roaring Stones The Rolling Stones
Otter Scars Bruno Mars
Patrick Shrewart Patrick Stewart
Taylor Sloth Taylor Swift
Mark Slothson Mark Ronson
Ashley Tisdhole Ashley Tisdale
Jerry Vole Jerry Vale
Kanine West Kanye West
Camel E. Wright Samuel E. Wright
Ed Sheepan Ed Sheeran


  • The name Justin Beaver is also mentioned and seen on a poster in the animated series T.U.F.F. Puppy.


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