This is a list of police officers in the Zootopia franchise.


Cape Buffalo


Chief Bogo is the chief of police of the Zootopia Police Department. Bogo, initially portrayed as the antagonist of the film, later proves to be a strong ally to Judy in times of trouble. He has a dry, though somewhat playfully sarcastic sense of humor, preferring to appear serious before revealing a light-hearted jest, as seen with his interactions with Officer Pennington in the beginning of the film and with Judy and Nick at the end.



Judy Hopps is an officer of the Zootopia Police Department. She is a fierce optimist who since childhood has believed that predators and prey are equal, and that anyone can be anything. She joined the ZPD on impulse of a childhood dream and later met up with Nick Wilde, a con-artist fox. After solving a hard case based on the savagery of predator civilians with Nick by her side, Judy persuaded the fox to join the ZPD. They now work side-by-side as partners.


Nickface 27

Nick Wilde is an officer of the Zootopia Police Department. He is a sly, shifty fox who since childhood has always wanted to be accepted. As a kid, he tried joining the Zootopia Junior Ranger Scouts, only to be assaulted by the other scouts with a muzzle, for being a predator. Since that day, he decided to live out the fox stereotype, feeling that there was no point in trying to be anything else. Judy met up with him in hopes of helping her solve the missing mammals case. Once the case was solved, Judy persuaded him to join the ZPD. They now work side-by-side as partners.



Benjamin Clawhauser is a secretary and dispatcher. He is a bubbly, friendly cheetah that has lots of enthusiasm, especially for his idol, Gazelle, and also, perhaps to a lesser extent, his job. While he has a friendly demeanor, his friendliness sometimes strays into going into in-depth conversations about trivial issues in the wrong times. He is very social and appears to love making new friends, as he was the first animal at the ZPD to greet Judy.



McHorn is an officer for the ZPD. He seems to show disinterest in those who he deems his lessers, including Judy Hopps. This manifests itself in the way in which he dismisses Judy upon her introduction, as well as when she enters Little Rodentia to chase Duke Weaselton, telling her to "wait for the real cops".

Rhinowitz - Infobox

Rhinowitz is an officer for the ZPD. On Judy Hopps' first day at the ZPD, Officer Rhinowitz is assigned by Chief Bogo to search for the Missing mammals in Sahara Square with Officers McHorn and Wolfard.


Krumpanski is an officer for the ZPD. He was a part of the team of officers Chief Bogo takes to the Rainforest District when Judy Hopps calls for backup.He watches as Bogo demands that Judy returns her police badge, and as Nick Wilde stands up to Bogo in Judy's defense.



Fangmeyer is an officer for the ZPD. On Judy Hopps' first day at the ZPD, Fangmeyer is assigned with officers Grizzoli and Delgato to the Rainforest District to search for residents missing there.


Jackson is an officer for the ZPD. When Judy Hopps walks in the bull pen on her first day, he is seen watching Officer Johnson arm wrestling with Officer Andersen. After Chief Bogo wishes Officer Pennington a happy birthday, Jackson starts playfully punching Pennington's side, provoking the elephant to scoop him up and give him a noogie.





Polar Bears


Cut Characters


  • Mabel, a parking enforcement officer.


Video Games

Zootopia: Crime Files



  • Donna, a security guard.


The Stinky Cheese Caper and Other Cases from the ZPD Files


  • Charles, an officer and security guard.


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