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Zootopia Special Book
New Japanese Magazine with Limited Item!! Japanese $58.00 Amazon
Zootopia (Chinese Edition)
Zootopia is a fancy city, populated by anthropomorphic mammals, but like an actual existence. In this city, all animals, no matter the size or characteristic of them, live together in harmony. However, under the veil of happiness and harmony, there was happening a conspiracy. Judy Hopps, a rabbit with dream of becoming the first rabbit officer in the police department, partnered red fox Nick, a street peddler, to uncover a conspiracy together... Chinese $10.99 Amazon
Japanese Junior Novel
Japanese novelization of Disney's new hit movie Zootopia! A rabbit rookie police officer challenges cultural expectations to become the first of her kind in the force, but in her work she discovers animal stereotypes only help criminals and falsely accuse the innocent, but will others believe her? Japanese $18.80 Amazon UK
Zootopia Chinese Edition2
Judy Hopps comes to Zootopia with her dream of being a police officer. Everyone can be what they want to be here. Because of her short stature, the work in the Zootopia Police Department is not smooth since the beginning. What's worse, she comes across the liar Nick Wilde. While Judy feels frustrated, the disappearance of the animals makes her excited again and Nick who involves in the case accidentally becomes the partner of Judy. Though the case is solved finally, more and more animals get insane. Is there bigger conspiracy hidden behind it? Judy starts to doubt about her dream, her friendship with Nick is being tested and residents in Zootopia get into a deeper panic... Chinese $12.99 Amazon
千百年前,世界掌握在力量強大的捕獵者手裏,弱小的獵物只能逃著、躲著......但在千百年後的優獸大都會裏,所有動物似乎都能和平共處了。 兔子朱迪立志成為一名出色的警察,可是當她正式接辦第一宗案件時,她不但被迫跟兔子的天敵--狐狸阿力合作,還無意中激發了獵物對捕獵者的潛在恐懼,引起全城大恐慌。究竟捕獵者和獵物是否注定永遠對立呢?
Thousands of years ago, the world was in the hands of powerful hunters. Weak prey could only escape. But in the thousands of years after the hunters disappeared, all aminals peacefully coexisted. Judy Hopps wanted to be a good cop, but when she took on her first case, she was forced to be with the natural enemy of a rabbit, a fox. She accidentally caused panic throughout Zootopia, making prey to fear predators.
Chinese $18.60 Amazon
Zootopia is a modern city where lives various animals. Judy Hopps has become a cop after much effort but she is assigned in charge of parking order. Later, she volunteers to investigate the case of animal disappearance. With the help of Nick Wilde, the case makes progress. Chinese $11.99 Amazon
Traditional Chinese edition of Zootopia: The Official Handbook, a guide book to a "Disneyland" city, complete with habitats, for zoo animals. For ages 9 to 12. In Traditional Chinese. Annotation copyright Tsai Fong Books, Inc. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc. Chinese $23.50 - $25.20 Amazon
None available Korean $10.00 Amazon
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La jeune Judy Hopps est une adorable lapine qui rêve dintégrer la police de Zootopie. Lorsque son rêve se réalise enfin, Judy est ravie, mais pas au bout de ses surprises ! Car, pour résoudre une enquête, elle va devoir faire équipe avec un renard aussi sournois que rusé…
The young Judy Hopps is an adorable rabbit who dreams to integrate Zootopia police. When his dream has finally come true, Judy is delighted, but not out of surprises! For, to resolve an investigation, it will have to team up with a cunning fox as devious as...
French $39.95 Amazon
Zootopia was a modern animal metropolis where everyone had endless opportunities! Little rabbit Judy became the first rabbit police in the Zootopia's history finally through unremitting efforts. But she was dispatched to manage the order of parking and met a foxy fox Nick. Judy and Nick were caught in a quaint animal missing case...... Chinese $11.99 Amazon
None available Korean $119.99 Amazon
Publisher : Dae Publisher Year : 2016 February 05 Page, Size : 188 * 252 mm, 120pages Contents Zoo Topia Introducing characters introduced Comic Monsters University Introducing characters introduced Comic Korean $25.99 Amazon
Traditional Chinese edition of Zootopia: Read-Along Storybook, a Read-along Storybook series by Disney. In Traditional Chinese. Annotation copyright Tsai Fong Books, Inc. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc. Chinese $20.98 Amazon
Numa cidade incrível chamada Zootopia, você pode ser o que quiser, mas isso nem sempre é fácil. Judy Hopps conquista seu sonho de ser policial, mas acaba trabalhando lado a lado com búfalos, leões, rinocerontes, ursos-polares e elefantes. Quando Judy tem a chance de trabalhar em um caso de verdade, sabe que precisa provar seu valor. O problema é que ela vai precisar da ajuda de Nick Wilde, uma raposa super falante e trapaceira. Será que um coelho pode mesmo confiar em uma raposa?
In a fantastic city called Zootopia, you can be whatever you want, but this is not always easy. Judy Hopps conquer his dream of being a cop, but ends up working alongside buffalos, lions, rhinos, polar bears and elephants. When Judy has a chance to work on a real case, you know you need to prove your worth. The problem is that it will need the help of Nick Wilde, a super speaker and trickster fox. Is that a rabbit can even trust a fox?
Portuguese $97.33 Amazon
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Release Date : 2016 July 1st Condition : Brand New Package : 1 Book(185 * 185 mm, 100pages, 25 Special Illustraion Picture, 25 Line Art, 8 Illustration Postcards) + 16 Character Cards Korean $29.99 Amazon
None available Spanish $19.88 Amazon
DISNEYS ZOOTROPOLIS FIGURINES INCLUDE... nick wilde - 6 cm - 2.35 inch judy hopps - 5.5 cm - 2.25 inch teeny-tiny finnick - 4 cm - 1.5 inch bogo the police chief - 7 cm - 2.75 inch stu hopps - 4.5 cm - 1.75 inch bonnie hopps - 4.4 cm - 1.75 inch mrs.otterton - 5 cm - 2 inch flash - 5.5 cm - 2.25 inch polar bear bodyguard - 7 cm - 2.75 inch mayor lionheart - 7 cm - 2.75 inch assistant mayor bellewether - 5 cm - 2 inch duke weasleton - 4.5 cm - 1.75 inch English $11.65 Amazon UK
None available French $8.15 Amazon UK
None available French $8.15 Amazon UK
Você sabe encaixar as peças do quebra-cabeça? Monte os cinco quebra-cabeças coloridos seguindo as imagens-guia. Depois, leia as histórias para dar vida às cenas! Para ajudar na montagem, o verso das peças tem cores diferentes em cada quebra-cabeça!
You know fit the pieces of the puzzle? Assemble the five colorful puzzle by following the Guide images. Then, read the stories to give life to the scenes. For help on the back of the pieces have different colors on each puzzle!
Portuguese $139.66 Amazon UK
Traditional Chinese edition of Zootopia, picture book of the award winning Disney animated film Zootopia. In Traditional Chinese. Annotation copyright Tsai Fong Books, Inc. Distributed by Tsai Fong Books, Inc. Chinese $23.13 Amazon UK
The story of anthropomorphic animals who live and work in a world where humans have never existed. A bunny cop moves to the city, and meets a sly, sarcastic Fox. As natural enemies they share a hate-hate relationship. In need of each other's help, can the two unlikely friends pair up to fight injustice in the world of Zootropolis City? English $7.30 Amazon UK
Fun colouring book for chilren to colour their favourite characters and scenes from Disney's Zootropolis. English $4.86 Amazon UK
Join Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde from the Disney movie Zootropolis for some awesome fun! Help Judy through a maze to catch Duke Weaselton, unscramble the jumbled police files, find all the animals in a word search, and more in this super-fun activity book. Includes fun Nick and Judy erasers and over 40 activities. English $6.08 Amazon UK
Zootropolis is the city where anyone can be anything, and Judy Hopps, a rabbit from the suburbs, wants to a real cop in the ZPD. In order to prove herself to the chief, Officer Hopps takes on an important case, enlisting the help of a fox called Nick Wilde. Can the unlikely pair overcome adversity and solve the missing-mammal mystery? Read aloud and bring the story to life! English $12.17 Amazon UK
None available Spanish $16.91 Amazon UK
None available Spanish $11.83 Amazon UK
None available Spanish $17.31 Amazon UK
None available Spanish $10.48 Amazon UK
None available Spanish $17.31 Amazon UK
None available Unknown $46.40 Amazon
None available Spanish $6.05 Amazon UK
None available Spanish $6.75 Amazon UK
None available Spanish $6.62 Amazon UK
None available Multilingual $19.02 Amazon UK
None available German $13.41 Amazon
None available German $5.51 Amazon
None available German $6.43 Amazon
None available German $4.17 Amazon
None available German $6.61 Amazon
None available German $5.17 Amazon
Judy Hopps comes to Zootopia with her dream of being a police officer. Everyone can be what they want to be here. Because of her short stature, the work in the Zootopia Police Department is not smooth since the beginning. What's worse, she comes across the liar Nick Wilde. While Judy feels frustrated, the disappearance of the animals makes her excited again and Nick who involves in the case accidentally becomes the partner of Judy. Though the case is solved finally, more and more animals get insane. Unknown $10.99 Amazon
This book is a new-concept story book for reading ability training, and its most important feature is it is graded according to the difficulty of words or phrases and, through vocabulary control, annotation, etc., enables children to enjoy barrier-free reading to their heart's content. Collecting more than 300 stage photos, this book combines all kinds of cute animal images with motivating story lines, and perfectly shows the artistic charm of the movie. Chinese $14.99 Amazon
InternationalBook43 《迪士尼大电影双语阅读•疯狂动物城》为迪士尼同名电影《疯狂动物城》的电影小说,与电影同步上市。迪士尼+华东理工大学出版社,强强联手,合作推出——地道的英文,优美的译文,实用的注释,海量的剧照,精美的制作!地道的英文:迪士尼官方授权,英文版由兰登书屋出版。与电影紧密结合,让你快乐、有趣地需英文,快速提高你的英语水平!优美的译文:上海大学教学名师、博士生导师、翻译家朱振武教授领衔,多名翻译方向研究生执笔翻译,译文生动有趣,忠于电影!实用的注释:针对重难点词汇,每页下方都配有准确而实用的注释,助你扫清阅读障碍!海量的剧照:海量的电影剧照,完整还原电影精彩场面,带你走近电影中的Zootopia,看这个动物世界各种爆笑视点!精美的制作:精心设计的中英对照版式、合理布局的电影剧照、精挑细选的纸张……无一不是为了呈现给您一场视觉上的饕餮盛宴,无一不是为了做出一本让您拿起来就舍不得放下的书!
Bilingual reading • wild animals in the Disney movie for the Disney film of the same name of the crazy animals of the city, city of film fiction, synchronized with the films listed.Disney + East China University Publishing House, collaborates, launch--native English, translation of beautiful, practical note, a lot of stills, beautifully made! Real English: Disney officially licensed and published in English by Random House.Closely integrated with the movie, make you happy, interesting places in English and quickly improve your English!Beautiful security: teaching famous teacher, tutor and translator of Shanghai University led by Professor Zhu Zhenwu, translation graduate writing translations, translation interesting, true to the movies!Practical notes: heavy and difficult words, each page is equipped with accurate and useful comments below, help you clear the dyslexia! Large stills: massive film stills, fully restored film highlights, Zootopia approached the movie with you, look at the animal world's comedy-view! Exquisite production: carefully designed bilingual layout and rational distribution of movie stills, carefully selected paper ... ... None is not to give you a Visual Feast, one in order to make a book allow you to get up and down!
Chinese $4.02 Amazon China
InternationalBook44 《疯狂动物城终极探险攻略》想知道动物城肉食动物居民都吃什么吗?想知道大先生的发家史吗?想知道冰川镇如何保持终年寒冷吗?想知道动物们会在哪里开party吗?想更近距离了解大明星夏奇羊吗?……雨林区、冰川镇、撒哈拉广场……了解6个不同气候的地区运行的秘密兔朱迪、狐尼克、大先生、奥獭顿夫妇……探寻动物城居民的真实生活气候、建筑、道路、商业设施、公共交通。揭开一个最真实的动物城在这里,你会找到:最美味的食物不管你是细嚼慢咽型、狼吞虎咽型,还是啃啃咬咬型,都能找到最棒的餐厅。动物城的居民动物城里最有趣的居民的档案及采访资料。当地特色景点来自本地居民的“内部消息”——哪里才是他们的爱。快快带着这本书,到动物城中终极探险吧!
Crazy animal city ultimate adventure Raiders wanted to know what residents eat animal meat animals? Do you want to know that family history of hair? Wanted to know how glaciers town maintained throughout the cold? Do you want to know where party animals? About big star wanted to see some shaggy sheep? …… Rain forest, glacier sub square town, ... ... About 6 different climate areas of running secret rabbit Judy, Nick Fox, Mr big, Rex and his wife ... ... Explore the animal residents of the real-life climate, buildings, roads, commercial facilities and public transport.Uncover the real animal cityHere, you will find:The most delicious foodWhether you chew, devour, or bite bite bite-type, can be found in the best restaurants.Animal city residentsAnimal archives and interviews with residents of the city's most interesting information.

Local attractions

From local residents, "inside information" – where is their love. Soon as possible with this book, animal city ultimate adventure!

Chinese $4.83 Amazon China
InternationalBook45 《疯狂动物城·梦想档案》兔朱迪小时候的梦想就是做一名真正的警察,经过不懈努力,她的梦想终于实现了!可是,成为动物城有史以来的第一位兔警官并不是件容易的事,特别是在一群强壮的大块头动物警察中间。面对困难与不理解,朱迪并没有放弃她的梦想,而是在这条路上越走越坚定……如果你想去做,那就去做没有人可以为你做任何决定,只有看你的选择自己够不够坚定.ANYONE CAN BE ANYTHING!快来跟兔朱迪一起实现梦想吧!
The archives of crazy animals • dream rabbit, Judy was a child's dream is to be a real COP, and make unremitting efforts, her dream finally came true! However, became the animal for the first rabbits police officers is not an easy task, especially in the midst of a strong group of big animal police.Face difficulties and did not understand, Judy has not given up her dream, but this road is getting strong ... ...If you want to do, then do itNo one can make any decision for you, only if you select you are not strong enough. ANYONE CAN BE ANYTHING! Come and dream with rabbit, Judy!
Chinese $2.29 Amazon China
InternationalBook46 《迪士尼青少年英汉双语读物》旨在通过迪士尼经典故事学英文,书中有语法知识讲解、丰富拓展练习、英语表演短剧,并配有美籍专家朗读音频。When animals start to go missing in Zootopia, officer Judy, the city’s first bunny cop, jumps at the chance to solve the mystery. Judy and scam-artist fox Nick are forced to team up and discover even natural enemies can become best friends.在一座叫作动物城的大都市里,动物先后离奇失踪,动物城的第一位兔子警官——朱迪,抓住机会决意侦破这起谜案。朱迪和油嘴滑舌的狐狸尼克被迫联手作战,发现自然界的天敌也能成为好朋友。
The English-Chinese bilingual book on Disney adolescents to learn English by Disney's classic story, book, rich development exercises, grammar explanation in English performed skits, and equipped with American experts to read the audio. When animals start to go missing in Zootopia, officer Judy, the city's first bunny cop, jumps at the chance to solve the mystery. Judy and scam-artist fox Nick are forced to team up and discover even natural enemies can become best friends. In a metropolis called animal city animal has mysterious disappearances, first rabbit animal City police officer – Judy, to seize the opportunity is determined to solve the mystery. Slick Nick Fox and Judy are forced to jointly combat and found that natural enemies can become friends.
Chinese $2.90 Amazon China
InternationalBook47 本书为迪士尼电影《疯狂动物城》的漫画版。这是一座独特的现代动物都市,每种动物在这里都有自己的居所,比如富丽堂皇又炎热的撒哈拉广场,或者常年严寒的冰川镇。它就像一座大熔炉,动物们在这里和平共处——无论是大象还是小老鼠,只要努力,都能闯出一番名堂。不过乐观的警官兔朱迪却发现,作为史上第一任兔子警官,要和一群强硬的大块头动物警察合作可不是件容易事。为了证明自己,她决心侦破一桩神秘案件;追寻真相的路上她被迫与口若悬河、谎技高超的狐尼克联手,却发现这桩案件背后隐藏着一个意欲颠覆动物城的巨大阴谋!
Book for the comic version of the Disney film the wild animals. This is a unique modern animal city, every animal here has their own homes, such as the magnificent hot sub square, or cold glacier town all year round. It's like a melting pot, animals live here--whether it be elephants or small mice, if they work hard, can get through some tricks. But upbeat police officer Judy found in rabbits, as history's first rabbit police officers, and a hard-line group of large animals is no easy matter of police cooperation. To prove herself, she is determined to solve a mysterious case; she was forced to follow the truth the way phrases together, lie superb Nick Fox, only to find that the case behind a vast conspiracy that intended to subvert the animals!
Chinese $2.45 Amazon China
InternationalBook48 《迪士尼创意游戏大挑战·精编双语益智游戏:疯狂动物城(迪士尼英语家庭版)(汉英对照)》的故事概况是:独特的动物城里没有人类,动物们和人类一样拥有着忙碌的高科技现代生活。富丽堂皇的撒哈拉广场,终年严寒的冰川镇,葱郁繁茂的雨林区,还有仓鼠、地鼠等等小可爱们居住的迷你小区——啮齿动物居住区;当然,还有“兔口”数量每天都在嗖嗖增长的兔朱迪的故乡——兔窝镇……动物城就像一座大熔炉,动物们在这里和谐相处。这里有体型娇小却有伟大梦想的兔朱迪。这里有外表吊儿郎当,内心却柔软善良的狐尼克。这里有呆萌可爱的猎豹胖警官,还有慢吞吞一点都不着急的树懒公务员。这里有让人捧腹大笑的搞笑怪咖,也有让人久久回味的脉脉深情。这里有偏见与平等,也有斗争与谅解,有梦想与成长,也有理想与现实。这是一个让每个人都各取所需的故事。
Creative game challenge • Disney series of the bilingual mind games: crazy animals (Disney English version) (Chinese-English Edition) story of the profiles is: unique animal in town without humans, animals and humans also have a busy high-tech modern life. Magnificent Sahara Plaza, cold ice all year round the town, verdant and lush rain forests, hamster, hamster, and more cute little mini community--live rodents in residential areas, of course, there are "rabbit" swishing every day increasing number of Judy's hometown--rabbits nest in rabbit town ... ... Animal city is like a melting pot, the animals live in harmony here. There is petite but has great dreams of rabbit, Judy. There appearance goofing off inside a soft kind of Fox, Nick. Here are cute cute Cheetah fat officer, there are slow don't worry sloth civil servants. Here is make people laugh out loud funny weird, also have softly affectionate long aftertaste. There is prejudice and equality, there is struggle and understanding, dreams and grow, there are ideal and the reality. This is a story that everyone wants.
Chinese $1.34 Amazon China
InternationalBook49 这是一本专为小学生培养良好的阅读习惯而打造的学习工具书,帮助学生更方便记录读过的好书、好文章。通过列举一学年的阅读书单,记录一本书或一篇文章里的精彩词句,归纳一本书的主题,领悟一本书读过后的心得,甚至还可以画出想象中喜欢的角色的样子等方式,让阅读成为积累,成为兴趣,成为拓展视野的较好方式。同时,通过积累,使学生在词汇的掌握和写作方面都会有一定程度的提高。
This is a school pupils develop good reading habits and to create learning tools help students more easily record read good books, good article. By listing a school reading lists, record a wonderful words in a book or an article, summed up the theme of a book, tips for understanding after reading a book, you can even paint the imagination like the role, such as, reading become accumulated, became interested, become a good way to broaden. Meanwhile, accumulated, make the student in terms of mastering and writing have been improved.
Chinese $2.54 Amazon China
InternationalBook50 《疯狂动物城·百科手工书·勇闯雨林区》《疯狂动物城 百科手工书》(全4册)是一套为4-8岁孩子打造的百科手工书,由迪士尼官方授权,能够真实呈现电影中的梦幻城市。《疯狂动物城 百科手工书》共有4个分册,分别是《历险冰川镇》《求生撒哈拉》《勇闯雨林区》《玩转大草原》。共可以制作出4个场景、33个动物模型、20张百科动物卡,集齐4册就可以搭建完整动物城!疯狂动物城是一座绝无仅有的动物大都市,是所有哺乳动物的梦想家园。在动物城里,有终年被冰雪覆盖的冰川镇,有洒满阳光的撒哈拉广场,有葱郁繁茂的雨林区,还有一望无际的大草原……场景中隐藏着很多秘密:草原上为什么没有大树?雨林有什么作用?沙丘是怎么移动的?冰山有多大?……掀开草丛、树冠、沙丘和冰山,答案就藏在那里!共可以制作出33个动物模型,制作完成后可以把它们放在场景中。引导孩子想一想,这些动物本来生活在什么样的环境中。每本书都附5张百科动物卡,共20张,介绍了20种很具代表性的动物。北极熊的毛发是什么颜色?山羊的瞳孔是什么形状?兔子会不会喝水?……收集这些卡片,就能发现更多奇妙有趣的知识!每本书还赠1张空白卡,可以引导孩子查找资料,制作自己喜欢的动物卡!集齐4个场景,就可以组成完整动物城!引导孩子讲一讲场景中的模型和知识,锻炼表达能力,让学习更有趣,知识更牢固!

书中内容由中国科学院动物研究所博士、国家动物博物馆科普专家张劲硕审校,为孩子提供权威专业的内容! 全部零件都已经裁切好,轻抠即可拆下,无需使用剪刀,安全放心;制作步骤清晰易懂,操作简单,方便贴心! 5岁以下需家长协助制作,5岁以上可独立完成。在动脑观察、动手制作中,可锻炼孩子手脑配合能力、空间想象力、专注力、观察力,培养耐心,开发潜能,增强成就感!家长还可以引导孩子,观察动物,观察大自然。
Crazy animals • Wikipedia • manual book adventures in the rain forest book of the wild animals the Wikipedia manual (4 volumes) is a 4-8-year-olds to build Wikipedia manual book by Disney official authorization to render film fantasy in real cities. Crazy animal hand-book of a total of 4 volumes of Wikipedia, namely the town adventure glacier and the survival of the adventures in the rain forest region of the Sahara of the play the Prairie. 4 were you can make scenes, animal models, 20 33 Wikipedia animal cards, together with 4 copies can build a complete animal! Crazy animal is a unique animal metropolis, is the mammalian dream homes. Animal city, year round by a snow-covered glacier town, sunny sub square, verdant and lush rain forests, and vast grassland ... ... Scene hides many secrets: why is there no tree on the Prairie? What is the role of the rain forest? How dunes moving? How big an iceberg? …… Open grassland, canopy, the dunes and the icebergs, the answer lies in there! Animal models can produce a total 33, production is completed you can put them in the scene. Guide your child to think about, these animals have to live in the kind of environment. Every book report of 5 encyclopedia of animal cards, a total of 20, 20 representative animals are introduced. What color is the hair of the polar bear? What shape is the goat's eyes? Rabbits will not drink water? …… Collect the cards, you can find more amazing interesting knowledge! Each book also donated 1 blank cards, you can guide your child to find information, make your own favorite animal cards! Collect 4 scenes, you can make up a complete animal! Guide your child to say something about the scene in the model and knowledge and training skills, make learning more interesting and knowledge stronger! Book by the Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Dr, National Museum of animal science expert Zhang Jinshuo review, providing authoritative content for their children! All the parts have been cut, and pull gently down, without using scissors, safety; production steps clear and easy to understand, simple operation, convenient comfort! Parents assist in the production of over 5 years, and 5 years can be completed independently. Dynamic observation of cerebral, DIY, exercise kids hands and brain with the ability, spatial imagination, concentration, observation, patience, develop potential, enhance a sense of achievement! Parents can guide their children to observe the animals, observing nature.

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InternationalBook51 内容紹介コミック版『ズートピア』が、英語と日本語で楽しめる!まんがだから読める!わかる! 英語版のズートピア。楽しく英語力がアップします。

映画「ズートピア」のストーリーのほか、 ジュディやニック、そして楽しいズートピアの仲間たちが活躍する サイドストーリーも収録!

巻末には、ネイティブ脚本のセリフを解説する 「ワード&フレーズ」ページも充実。 オールカラーの楽しいまんがを読みながら、 いつの間にかネイティブがよく使う表現も身につく一冊です!

<収録ストーリー> 1.Zootopia(ズートピア メインストーリー)

2.Welcome to ZOOTOPIA(ズートピアへようこそ!)

3.The Carrot Caper(キャロット・ケイパー)

4.Brothers & Sisters(ジュディのきょうだいたち)

5.Skunk Parade(スカンク・パレード)

6.Quick as a Flash!(フラッシュのように速く!)

7.The Noise from Next Door(となりの部屋から聞こえる音)


内容(「BOOK」データベースより) 本書では、映画「ズートピア」のストーリーのほか、ジュディやニック、そして楽しいズートピアの仲間たちが活躍するサイドストーリーも収録!巻末には、ネイティブ脚本のセリフを解説する「Words&Phrases」ページを掲載。充実のストーリーを楽しみながら、いつの間にかネイティブ表現が身につく1冊です!
Comic book "Zutopia' in English and Japan enjoy! From manga to read! you can see! Zutopia's English version.

Fun English proficiency increases. In addition to the movie "Zutopia" story Friends Judy and Nick, and fun Zutopia is active

Includes a side story! Explain the native script serif at the end Excellent words & phrases page. While reading a fullcolor fun cartoon

Is the one to get expressions commonly used by native before you know it! < Journal story >

1. Zootopia (Zutopia main story)

2. Welcome to ZOOTOPIA (to Zutopia welcome!)

3. The Carrot Caper (carrot, caper)

4. Brothers & Sisters (Judi brothers)

5. Skunk Parade (Skunk-parade) 6. Quick as a Flash!

(As fast as the Flash!)

7. The Noise from Next Door (sounds from the next room)

  • 2-7's short stories

Your "BOOK" database (more) Side-stories in this book, active friends Judy and Nick, and fun Zutopia's film "Zutopia" story as well, also includes! posted "Words &Phrases" page explains the native script serif at the end. It is a book while enjoying the full story before one is aware to get native representation!

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InternationalBook52 あの、「ズートピア」を脅かす大事件の数か月後、ズートピア警察署初のウサギ警官ジュディとキツネ警官ニックは、相変わらず交通違反の取り締まりしかやらせてもらえない毎日。そんなある日、ネズミの町で、高価だけどとっても臭いチーズが盗まれた!あまりの臭さにベテラン刑事にいやがられ、ジュディとニックが事件の担当に。

張り切る二人は、ぶじ事件を解決。だが、それは序の口で、不可解な事件に次々と巻き込まれていく。それぞれ無関係に見えた事件の裏には、ズートピアの平和を揺るがす、ある大きな陰謀が隠されていた。 二人は、ズートピアの平和を守ることができるのか?


内容(「BOOK」データベースより) ウサギのジュディとキツネのニックは、ズートピア警察署の新米警察官です。いろんなじけんの捜査がしたいのに、まかされるのは、交通違反をとりしまるしごとばかり。それでも、ふたりはりっぱな警察官になろうと、まじめにとりくんでいます。そんな、ある日。レストランの倉庫からチーズがぬすまれるというじけんがおきます。そのじけんを、なんと、ジュディとニックが捜査することに!ふたりは、かいけつすることができるのでしょうか。小学低学年から。
After a few months of threatening that "Zutopia", Zutopia police station for the first rabbits COP Judy and Fox COP Nick continues crackdown on traffic violations only prearranged every day.

Stolen one day, in the town of rat's expensive but very Stinky Cheese! with the smell of too disliked to a veteran detective Judy and Nick is in charge of the case. They get excited usually solve the case. But it is the beginning, and is drawn into a mysterious incident. Shake the Zutopia peace behind the incident seemed to each independent, the big conspiracy had been hidden.

What they can to protect the peace of the Zutopia? Duo love deepens and charade, while Judy and Nick.

I'm getting excited while hitarou "Zutopia" world. Your "BOOK" database (more) Nick Judy of a rabbit and a Fox is the Zutopia police rookie police officer. Is be put in charge of various incident investigations is the only work which manages traffic violations. Still, they become a respectable police officer, are working in earnest. So, one day. Make sure that the cheese was stolen from a warehouse in the restaurant incident. In that incident, Judy and Nick investigate! what they can to resolve. From the elementary grades.

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InternationalBook53 内容紹介『アナと雪の女王』、『ベイマックス』に続くディズニー最新作。ラストまで収録したストーリーガイド、個性豊かなキャラクターの紹介や美しいアートワークなどにも迫ります。映画の興奮をビジュアルとともに追体験!

内容(「BOOK」データベースより) 『ズートピア』の住人になりたいと思った方必見の徹底ガイドブック!美しいビジュアルとともにストーリーを完全収録。個性豊かなキャラクターたちのコンセプトアート公開。緻密に計算されたアートワークのすべてに迫る。主題歌“TRY EVERYTHING”歌詞(英語、日本語)掲載。

Japanese $12.47 Amazon Japan

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