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Greasy walls....rickety bed...crazy neighbors. I love it!!
―Judy Hopps

The Grand Pangolin Arms is the apartment complex which Judy Hopps moves to after she leaves Bunnyburrow and travels to Zootopia.


The three residents which are known to live in the apartment complex are Judy, as well as Pronk and Bucky Oryx-Antlerson. Dharma Armadillo, an armadillo, is the landlady.

Judy's living space is a small, single room that contains a bed, a shelf, a closet, and one narrow window, along with a mirror, a microwave and a desk with a lamp; it is unknown if the other residents live in rooms that are any larger.

Role in the Film


Judy exploring her new apartment

Judy Hopps moves into the Grand Pangolin Arms when she moves to Zootopia. Bucky and Pronk are seen walking to their apartment (which is next to hers) as Judy tries to greet them.

Judy realizes that her small living space has poor hygiene and "crazy neighbors", but she proclaims that she loves her new home anyway. The next morning, Judy awakens and departs for her first day on the job at the ZPD.  

After being assigned meter maid duty against her wishes, Judy returns home that night. She attempts to listen to the radio, but quickly turns it off due to the depressing songs that play. After Muzzletiming with her parents, Judy assures herself that the next day will be better. 

The apartment is not seen again from this point. 


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  • One of the pictures on Judy's wall has a bear resembling Bongo the bear from Disney's Fun and Fancy Free.
  • The name of the apartment is a reference to a pangolin, which is an armadillo-like animal. It is also run by Dharma, who is an armadillo.
  • It is featured in Judy's Apartment, a short Portuguese comic based on Zootopia.


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