Meanwhile, a peace rally organized by pop star Gazelle was marred by protest.
―Peter Moosebridge

Gazelle's peace rally is a protest organized by Gazelle to promote peace throughout the city in Zootopia. It takes place in Savanna Central.

Role in the Film

Gazelle's rally is seen near the climax of the film on ZNN, as Peter Moosebridge and Fabienne Growley cover it. Gazelle, a few of her tiger dancers and several other predators, as well as a few prey mammals, stand on a large platform and talk through megaphones.

The Frantic pig, present at the rally, is seen yelling at a leopard that resembles Stephanie Stalkinew to "go back to the forest", to which the leopard retorts "I'm from the savanna!" The two engage in a fierce argument and Judy Hopps tries in vain to break them up.

Gazelle herself is then seen telling a reporter that seeing predators and prey not getting along makes her sad, and that this is not the Zootopia she knows anymore. She asks for the Zootopia she loves to be restored.


Name Position Picture


  • The character models used for Barry DiCaprio and Stephanie Stalkinew are seen at the rally, despite the fact that they were established as being in a savage state at the time.


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