Eucalyptus caffeine pills are caffeine pills that appear in Case 8 of Zootopia: Crime Files. They presumably contain eucalyptus.


Eucalyptus caffeine pills are small, white, cylinder-shaped pills. They come in a brown bottle with a white label.

Role in the Game

While searching The Green Horn, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde find a bottle of pills. They are Eucalyptus caffeine pills, designed to keep mammals awake. The lab analyzes the bottle and Officer Clawhauser informs Judy and Nick that it has Katee's prints on it.

Judy and Nick visit Katee and try to ask her about the pills, but she is asleep, so Judy wakes her up. Katee explains that she sometimes stays up late working on her secret recipes, so she takes Eucalyptus caffeine pills. Nick wonders why her all-natural, organic products aren't enough of an energy boost, but Katee is asleep again.


  • While the pills are white, the pill on the label is red and blue.


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