This is an article focusing on the relationships of Duke Weaselton in Zootopia.


Doug Ramses

Doug is the opposite of friendly... He's unfriendly.
―Duke warning Judy and Nick about Doug

Duke and Doug have a beneficial but purely businesslike relationship. Duke steals Night howler bulbs for Doug, and Doug pays him for his services. Beyond that, it is indicated that Duke does not consider him a friend, as Duke speaks less than favorably about his character, stating that he is unfriendly. It can be assumed that Duke has therefore had close run-ins with Doug in the past, though the extent of these is not known.

Judy Hopps

Have a donut, copper!
―Duke to Judy during a chase

Duke taunting Judy

Judy and Duke are only seen having very short conversations, often in the middle of tense situations, such as chases or while Duke is about to be plunged into freezing water. During these interactions, however, Judy develops a deep dislike of Duke - one which is reciprocated. Duke first runs into Judy after stealing what turn out to be Night Howler bulbs from a florist. The two begin an epic chase, with Judy trailing only slightly behind as Duke enters Little Rodentia. While Judy does indeed catch up with and arrest Duke, he is summarily released from custody. Judy does indeed get her payback, however, when she needs him to reveal information about who he is selling the Night Howlers to - she hands him over to crime boss Mr. Big, who decides to threaten him with his classic punishment of "icing".

Nick Wilde

Well, well. Look who it is, the Duke of Bootleg.
―Nick approaching Duke, with Judy
Duke Taunting Judy

Nick and Judy are not impressed

Although not much is known about Nick and Duke's relationship, they seem to know each other fairly well, most likely because both come from Zootopia's shadier side. Duke is fully aware of Nick's Pawpsicle scams just as Nick is aware of Duke's bootlegged films. They seem to have a quiet competitive ridge between them, judging by how they spoke to each other.

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