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Wow, you are one hot dancer!
―Gazelle in the game

Dancing with Gazelle is an app in Zootopia. It features Gazelle and one of the four Tiger Dancers.

Role in the Film

The app was seen being used and enjoyed by Officer Clawhauser and Chief Bogo. When Clawhauser runs to Bogo's office to tell him about Judy's discovery about the case, he finds out about Bogo's love for Gazelle when he catches him using the app.

Real Life Version

A real life version inspired by the app was published by Disney and had its own website under the address, But this site now cannot be reached due to the page being closed down for unknown reasons.


  1. Insert name
  2. Upload photo
  3. Adjust photo's brightness, size, and angle to fit the shape
  4. Watch video


  • When entering your age, if you put in that you were under 18 years old, you would not be able to upload and edit photos. Instead, the website would play a stock video of Gazelle dancing with the Tiger Dancer. This feature was most likely added so young children would not be able to tamper with photos.


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